Traffic Flow Camera – A Source of Traffic Data


The Traffic Flow camera utilizes video analysis algorithms to gather road traffic data. This type of camera is integrated into traffic management systems, enabling monitoring and direct influence on traffic light controllers at intersections. It offers a non-invasive alternative to the traditional induction loop, making it particularly advantageous for electric vehicles with composite or carbon fiber chassis. Moreover, the camera provides the benefit of visualizing road conditions in real-time.

Key functionalities lab

The camera features a 4Mpx resolution utilizing Dark Fighter technology (1/1.8″ sensor) and includes a built-in infrared illuminator for low light conditions. It employs advanced video analysis algorithms and Deep Learning technology, enabling visualization of multiple targets moving in both directions across six lanes. The camera allows for the creation of two virtual detection loops per lane.

Video analysis algorithms facilitate the collection of statistical data on lane queues, vehicle counts, average speed, traffic intensity, and other crucial parameters for traffic management.

Client benefits lab

The conventional induction loop used in road systems requires invasive installation beneath the asphalt surface, often during initial road construction. Reinstalling or replacing these loops can be problematic due to warranty constraints or changes in traffic organization. In contrast, Traffic Flow cameras offer a non-intrusive solution, eliminating the need for disruptive roadworks and associated closures. This translates to long-term cost savings and a smoother experience for drivers. Additionally, the camera’s ability to visualize road conditions without extra equipment enhances its utility. Furthermore, the Traffic Flow camera is equipped to detect modern electric vehicles with alternative chassis materials, making it a versatile and future-proof solution.”

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