Control Pro – Traffic management platform


Control Pro is a platform designed to manage ITS services and road maintenance services on the motorway, and expressway network. Control Pro uses easy-to-implement mechanisms to integrate existing ITS components and allows expansion with new devices. System software allows an integration of various detection, monitoring, and control subsystems, creating a multimodal traffic management platform.

The most commonly used subsystems managed by Control Pro include variable message signs, meteorological systems, CCTV cameras, CB‑radio and automatic number plate recognition cameras.

Key functionalities lab

Control Pro is a scalable software that combines a number of functionalities within a single platform. It allows the implementation of appropriate traffic management strategies to improve traffic flow and increase road safety. Control Pro has an intuitive graphical user interface, dedicated to Traffic Management Centre operators and supporting year-round infrastructure maintenance functions.

The platform interface is easy to use and allows the desired function to be called up in a minimum number of steps. The user can, among other things, independently configure traffic management scenarios and event alarms, depending on current needs. The operator has various modes of operation available for the system or its individual components. The system has a data archiving and reporting module to verify the work of operators. It is possible to integrate the system with various video data recording solutions. The Control Pro platform allows data to be exchanged with other traffic management systems — for example using the Datex 2 protocol.

Client benefits lab

The implementation of the platform will ensure comprehensive management of ITS systems and services within a designated area of the transport system. Users will be able to configure traffic management scenarios and event alarms based on current needs.

Operators will have access to various modes of system operation, including control over individual elements. The system will facilitate data archiving and reporting, allowing for the verification of operators’ activities. These measures will enhance traffic control efficiency and safety.


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