Road Traffic Management Platform


The objective of this project is to implement a road traffic management platform utilizing Control Pro software using VMS boards, installed at both the Eastern and Western entrances to the city on the national road DK12. This software will facilitate the management of various Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) subsystems within the City of Chełm, which will be integrated as part of the Smartcity Lab initiative.

Upon completion of the project, an enhanced system architecture for integrating existing and new ITS devices will be developed. The ultimate outcome will be a comprehensive software solution and design documentation. This system will be designed for scalability, allowing for the seamless addition of further VMS boards. This expansion capability will enable dissemination of information to drivers regarding traffic conditions, particularly during the phases of road infrastructure modernization for servicing the development of an intermodal terminal in the city of Chełm.

Key functionalities lab

The traffic management platform will provide the following key features:

  • Traffic management via VMS signs
  • Collecting data from the meteorological system
  • Collecting data from video camera systems, automatic event detection cameras, and automatic license plate recognition cameras
  • Collecting data from Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I), Infrastructure-to-Vehicle (I2V) systems, and other Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) subsystems
  • Implementation of effective traffic management strategies
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Capability to exchange data with other traffic management systems, e.g. through the Datex2 protocol

Client benefits lab

Implementing the platform will enable comprehensive management of ITS systems and services within the specified transportation area. Users will have the ability to customize traffic management scenarios and set event alarms based on current needs.

Operators will have access to various operational modes for the system as a whole or its individual components. Additionally, the system will support data archiving and reporting, including the verification of operators’ activities. These features will enhance traffic control efficiency and promote increased safety.


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